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We offer four rooms of varying sizes, suitable for different activities. Please contact us to discuss availablity.


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The Halls

50ft x 24ft and 16ft x 42ft 


Our largest space, the hall is subdivided in two areas (The Large Hall and The Small Hall) by a movable wall. Equipped with an attached kitchen it is suitable for large gatherings. 

Large Hall

50ft x 24ft 

A larger space, suitable for gatherings, lectures, and meals.

The Large Hall

Small Hall 

16ft x 42ft

A smaller space with an attached kitchen, more suitable for smaller gatherings and craft groups. 

The Small Hall

The Lounge

23ft x 21ft

Our second largest room provides comfortable seating, ample room for presentations, and a tea station. 
Suitable for all manner of informal social gatherings.

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Georges' Room

16ft x 42ft 

A longer, narrower upstairs room suitable for lectures, conferences, and social events. 
This room is equipped with a tea-point, ample tables and chairs and a white-board. 

The Georges Room

The Harland Room

16ft x 21ft

The smallest of the four rooms, the Harland room is upstairs next to the Georges' room and is equipped with a small tea set. This room is suitable for small gatherings seeking a quieter place to meet.

The Georges' Room

The Harland Room

The Harland Room



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