Seniors' ministry

The Seniors' Ministry at Holy Trinity is co-ordinated by a retired minister (currently vacant). 



Each Wednesday there is Rendezvous at 10am (meeting with God, meeting with each other), which consists of a 50 minute service in church with well-known hymns and a talk intended to be helpful to those with long experience of life, followed by an extended time of fellowship over refreshments in the Church centre. At 11.30am  on most Wednesdays, a free gentle exercise class follows on after coffee for all who wish, and is proving very popular.

Rendezvous is run largely by those who attend, giving opportunities to continue serving in every sort of capacity. It is open to all, and those on shift work or who find a large Sunday congregation daunting join our older members for this midweek oasis. About three times a year, we enjoy a light lunch together.



Each summer there is Allsorts - a ‘holiday at home’ for the over 50s. This is an extremely popular week with coach outings, social events, talks and activities. There are occasional outings or events at other times of the year. 


Our HT Seniors will be found attending and serving at all other church activities, including 

Holy Trinity Pastoral Support Structures


Parish Nurse: Drop-in clinic on Wednesday mornings in the Church Centre. More details.

care@ht: Pastoral care for anyone who does not have their own network of support, and is not in a Home Group, or their Home Group has members with needs that cannot be met within the Group. More details

Rendezvous lunch