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Thy Kingdom Come 

An event at our church

ON Saturday 22nd May, an amazing Thy Kingdom Come prayer event is taking place at HT from 10 am to 8 pm For the first time since the pandemic the church and garden will be open for an all-age prayer event.with prayer stations and child-friendly activities, a labyrinth and even coffee. We want to pray for our nation, our community and ourselves. We are asking Jesus to bless our land. We are praying ‘Thy kingdom Come’. We are praying for all to meet Jesus. Come for five minutes and stay for longer. It kicks off at 10am Saturday with a short service outdoors, with singing!!!!

If you can’t come in person sign up below to say you can pray at home during a particular half hour slot.


If you would like resources to help with prayer use these from the CofE Thy Kingdom Come website


Or use these ideas from 24-7 prayer resources

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