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Friends of Holy Trinity



The Friends of Holy Trinity is a charity that exists to make grants to support the work of Holy Trinity Church PCC. In particular the Friends exist to support the God-given task of proclaiming Christ crucified to Redhill and the wider world; to support the training of those who would minister the gospel and teach the Bible to us and to Redhill; to support specific acute pastoral needs within the congregation; to support the building up of the confidence of our congregation, and increasing our trust in, and obedience to, Christ.

Nature of any grants made

The Friends may make grants that are either one off, or less usually recurring. However the Friends will not support “chronic” needs. That means the Friends will not normally support needs that are long term and recurrent in nature, but will aim to provide financial support that is either one off, or is short to medium term. The Friends will not normally support requests that should otherwise be made to the PCC in the normal course of business, but instead fall outside of the usual remit of the PCC. The Friends will look particularly favourably on applications where the PCC or other ministry areas with Holy Trinity have already agreed to provide part funding, but this is not always the case.

Making an application

Requests to the Friends do not need to be made in any specific form, but do need to be in writing. They do not need to be made through the PCC. However, it is normally the case that before any application is made to the Friends that at least one member of the PCC is both aware and supportive of any application. Requests to the Friends are considered at the regular meeting of the committee.

As the Friends’ purpose is to support the mission of Holy Trinity, it is helpful for the Friends’ committee if any applications include details of how the applicant will use any funds provided to further the “3Cs” of Holy Trinity’s mission statement.

  • Confident in our Faith

  • Committed to one another in Love

  • Compelled to share our hope in Christ

Finally, the committee will look more favourably on applications where the potential impact of any grant would be felt for all eternity, as opposed to exhausted in the here and now.

Categories for consideration

To help in making applications, the committee has set out the following guidance on the mission statement from the PCC, and examples of the sorts of projects that the Friends would be minded to support. This list is however not exhaustive.

  1. To grow our confidence in our faith

    1. Supporting the training and building up of Bible teachers and spiritual counsellors within the congregation to better equip them to teach and apply God’s word to the congregation.

    2. Subsidising the attendance at training events, conferences or courses for those within the congregation who would otherwise be unable to attend. This includes subsidising our away weekends for those unable to afford the cost otherwise

  2. To build on our commitment to each other in love

    1. To meet acute spiritual and pastoral needs within the congregation. These needs should be one-off or short term in nature, not persistent and long term. The applicant should be clear as to why the Friends are the best and most appropriate source of funds.

    2. To provide “seed support” for new ministry areas. For example, the Friends might look positively upon applications to provide initial funding to start new areas of pastoral care or gospel ministry.

  3. To support the verbal proclamation of the gospel to those around us and in the wider world

    1. To support the PCC in proclaiming the gospel through mission activities

    2. To support one off needs of Holy Trinity’s existing mission partners.

Giving to the Friends

The Friends’ funds normally come from legacy giving and individual donations from those who want to provide Holy Trinity with the financial ability to support specific ad-hoc needs from the congregation. Those who do give to the Friends can do so with the confidence that distributions are overseen by a rigorous governance process, and that all funds are distributed to those individuals and causes where – in the opinion of the committee – there is the maximum possible probability of an eternal impact. To discuss supporting the Friends financially please contact the current chairman, or the Vicar.

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