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The role of the Parish Safeguarding Officers (PSOs) is to be ‘familiar with the Diocesan policies and procedures for Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Adults who may be vulnerable and Responding to Domestic Abuse’.


Therefore the Diocese organises Basic Training courses twice a year for volunteers proposing to work with any children’s groups or those involving vulnerable adults. The Safeguarding Team have also produced a user-friendly Safeguarding Handbook outlining the church policies and the PSOs' contact details. Training course details here.


The Team are responsible for enabling groups to carry out annual risk assessments.

They also develop and provide training for leaders and specific groups as required.


The Team are available at any time to listen to any concerns that the congregation may have about safeguarding matters.



The Team:

Sonya Barrow Timperley Church 07729 028828

Lynn Crittenden Vulnerable Adults 07906 211296

Ruth Inwood Children and Young People 01737 248870

Anne Smith DBS / Children 01737 767762


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser:

Kate Singleton 0207 939 9423




Diocesan Safeguarding Policy

Church of England Policy

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