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Why is all the floor space on the first floor not utilised?

The large and small halls on the ground floor have a double-height ceiling. That is how the space is used.

Will the acoustics in the halls be better?

The design and finish of walls, floors and ceilings makes a big difference to acoustics. Our architect is experienced in similar projects and we will make sure we learn from other churches as we develop the detailed design so our new spaces help allow easy and clear conversations.

Will you speak to others who have undertaken similar projects?

The Connected Team has already spoken to and visited many other churches, both locally and further away, where their projects have been similar to ours. It is exciting to see what God is doing in other churches and could do here.


Will our new building be energy-efficient?

The new building will be better insulated with improved glazing and more efficient heating and cooling systems. The design and construction will help it to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter for lower running costs,

When will the Reception be attended?

The new reception is likely to be attended for at least the current office hours, and the concourse open for longer. Once we have established we have sufficient funds for the project to go ahead we can think further about exactly how the new spaces will operate.

How long will it take to build?

We estimate the development will take about a year, but this will be clearer once we have detailed construction drawings and have spoken to contractors. We need to be confident of funding before we can move to this next stage.

What are the plans for the bookstall?

Our new concourse will provide more space for new facilities such as an improved bookstall and better information to support our ministry, outreach and discipleship. It will be open during the week, allowing easy access to resources and information to all centre users.

How 'green' will our new building be?

We have an opportunity to introduce a number of environmental features such as solar panels, a green or brown roof, and rainwater harvesting at the detailed design stage.

How much storage space will there be?

At this stage the plans show some storage spaces and the rooms as 'gross' areas. The detailed design stage will look at storage within the rooms and the possibility of other storage spaces, for example, additional areas under the new halls which could be accessed externally.

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